Feb 21, 2012

VIDEO: Mirror Lady - "For Good"

I feel as though it was several months ago when I first blogged about Mirror Lady, but in actuality only a mere six weeks have passed. In a span of only a few short months, this Californian phenomenband (yay for new words!) has been rapidly gaining momentum in the independent music blogosphere. While I may not be able to stake any claim on their success, my blog DOES come up in the top six Google search results for "Mirror Lady" (top five, if you disqualify this Mirror Lady, which I do). So basically you know you're somebody when you've been featured on See Them Play, but you're even more of a somebody if your interview gets featured on that fancy new Portals site. What's next for Mirror Lady...Pitchfork? I certainly hope so. Heck, just give me a pad of paper, an envelope, some sparkley unicorn stickers and a couple glasses of merlot and I'll formally snail mail Ryan Schrieber myself.

However, I have a feeling that those efforts won't be necessary. Just one listen and you'll be hooked on T.J. Petracca's wonderfully infectious vocals, the quirkiness of the miniature keyboard and the deliciousness of those drum loops.

Peep the video above (featured on Indie Ambassador) for a decidedly stripped-down version of "For Good"; a yet-to-be released new track, which will be included on Mirror Lady's upcoming EP (due to arrive by the end of this month). I just have to warn you though: there are no ladies OR mirrors in this video, but it's still really awesome nonetheless.

P.S. - If you're lucky enough to be heading to Austin, TX for SXSW this year, be sure to catch at least one of Mirror Lady's gigs on March 15th at Maggie Mae's, or March 17th at The Whiskey Room (with Craft Spells).

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