Jan 17, 2012

Sunsets and Hearts

It's a lazy hazy dazy chillwavey sort of day in Toronto today, as you can see from the mists of Avalon that are slowly devouring the city. It's not as if I need to try and navigate my way from Point A to B today, so let's celebrate the fact that Toronto is slowly disappearing into the grey and miserable abyss with some mood-lifting/mind-altering music.

Today's Special landed in my inbox just last week, and I've been playing this amazing new album on a continuous loop ever since. Sometimes it's difficult for a blogger to effectively verbalize the feel, tone, and movement of a certain piece...and it's even more difficult when that blogger is naturally a bit fuzzy-brained. Today is no real exception, but at least the spirited sounds of Sunsets and Hearts are doing a superb job of matching my day-dreaminess. Interspersed with catchy drumbeats and soft rambling melodies, this Texan band (born of the blood, sweat and tears of Car Gonzalez) is the perfect companion to your inevitable navigation through the haze.

And guess what? This deliciously progressively soulfully ambient album is available for free. Be sure to jump on over to Sunset and Hearts dot com and snag Altered Faze for yourself.

"Crystal Prisms V Visible Light" - Sunsets and Hearts from Altered Faze (2011)

"Replica" - Sunsets and Hearts from Altered Faze (2011)

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