Sep 14, 2011

Naminé - "The Train"

Blogging can be difficult. A writer needs to be inspired, and constantly receive jolts of creative energy. They have to be dedicated. Committed to the craft. And consistent with their work.

That is not my problem.

My problem is this g*& d*#$ laptop that keeps freezing & crashing at the bestest times ever...and the distinct lack of Internet in my apartment. So as technology as my scapegoat, I will excuse myself for not updating you on the latest and greatest of music. I'm plenty inspired. But I'm also plenty about-to-throw-everything-electronic-out-of-my-8th-floor-window...y.

But the computer will (fingers crossed) unfreeze long enough for me to showcase Melbourne, Australia's dreamily electro artist Naminé, and his latest track "The Train". For those of you unfamiliar with this moderately hidden gem, Naminé (Darcy Baylis) has been creating some wonderfully chilled electronic music for the better part of the last year. With daydream-inducing lyrics and sublimely soothing instrumentals, "The Train" is exactly what I need right now...especially while riding that busy train to school. Or hurling my computer into oncoming traffic.

"The Train" - Naminé (2011)

Head on over to Naminé's bandcamp page to grab a copy of "The Train" for free, as well as this fantastic artist's previous works.

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