Aug 5, 2011


Few things in life are sweeter than those marvellous instances when other people make your life exponentially easier. Moments like this are particularly favourable for people who, not unlike myself, have the tendency to slip into what I like to call “enthusiastic apathy”. Basically, it makes me happy to be lazy. So imagine my delight (and I don't have to troll the Internet for new/good music) when I checked the See Them Play mailbag, and uncovered this truly fantastic artist submission:

Californian artist 1990 (Moses Abrego) brings us some exciting new of which (“Falcon Sword”) has already landed itself on the BIRP! August Playlist. Experimenting with a medley of beats, 1990’s music is deliciously glitchy and upbeat, and features a variety of influences ranging from hip hop, to electronic, and progressive rock.

And anyone who uses Fleetwood Mac samples automatically gets big bonus points in my books.

"Little Lies" - 1990 from The Discovery 1 Beat Tape

"Falcon Sword" - 1990 from The Discovery 1 Beat Tape

Be sure to grab your FREE copy of 1990’s self-released album The Discovery 1 Beat Tape

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